From an Unknown Soldier


‘From an Unknown Soldier’, was given a rehearsed reading at the Ideastap Takeover Festival on Thursday 13th February 2014 at The Richmix.

Neelum is a journalist in 2014 and discovers the first female disguised as a male soldier to enter the French Barracks during WW1. Frustrated with the state of the current nation, depictions of her cultural hatred and traditional pressures and expectations within her own life Neelum begins to relive Dorothy’s story, unravelling unwanted truths about the inception of war and in turn changes her understanding of what it means to fight for what one believes in. It’s 1914. Dorothy’s journey begins in an unfamiliar pub and ends in a spotlight on the truth about the inception of this war. Parts of the story are based on true facts which have been dramatised for effect.
For more details check out the Facebook event page.
And see the brief at the Ideastap Winners page.
This play was created from a commissioned project with Crystal Clear Productions in Leicester called ‘Lest we Forget’.


Rehearsed Reading Video 1 – Scene between Dorothy and Lieutenant

Rehearsed Reading Video 2 – Scene between Neelum and Tony

Rehearsed Reading Video 3 – Soldier monologue


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