Subika is an Actor and Playwright. Subika studied Creative Writing and English Language at the University of Gloucestershire and has developed scripts with various theatre companies including Tamasha, The Roundhouse, Curve Theatre, where she is also an Associate Playwright. Her play Stateless was produced by Kali Theatre and her play Princess Suffragette was produced by London Grey and Green Theatre. Subika has most recently written and performed a solo show Divided at the Camden People’s Theatre which was also co-commissioned by them and Hopscotch Asian women’s charity. Subika’s work critiques social stereotypes and current representations of specific cultures and subcultures, whilst exploiting and transgressing traditional racial and cultural taboos.

‘Culturally specific theatre tells us a lot about the society we live in, arguably serving as a pointer of the nation’s unspoken desires and aspirations.’

Subika is currently represented by Kitson Press Literary Agency and Creative Blast Acting Agency. C.V details are available on Spotlight.

“A pitch perfect script”
The Independent on Stateless ★★★★

“A powerful play. More than just a gripping thriller.”
British Theatre Guide on Stateless

 “Princess Suffragette is a play that shows us how far we have come politically, whilst also offering a timely reminder of Pankhurst’s famous words: “never give up the fight”
Exeunt on Princess Suffragette

 “An epic account of Sophia Duleep Singh”
British Theatre Guide on Princess Suffragette

“an intriguing narrative about the risks and challenges of feminism […] beautifully written”
London Theatre 1 on Princess Suffragette ★★★★

“Excited by Anwar-Khan’s bravery and motivation in telling these stories”
South Asian Sisters Speak on Divided



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  1. …the nation’s unspoken desires and aspirations”. I like that, and those brave thoughts on your mind. Subika, you’re brilliant! Keep it up girl!

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