As a facilitator who helps students at my local University I sometimes have to take lecture and seminar notes. A student of mine studies Creative Writing (the degree I did at University) and is taking a poetry module where we’ve been analysing and studying various poems. This, of course, has brought back so many memories from when I studied Creative Writing, that I decided to write a poem from what I’ve been inspired by. Enjoy!

Imran Ahsan

Like the head of a gavel on a block

His knife cuts through flesh and bone.

In one, a leg is free.

I gaze, televised through a window


the separation with naïve eyes.

And every time threads of skin

latch on, only to the board

like claws marks.


A queue drools into the shop aisle.

Everyone meandering to his business,

kept at the back

as if these bloodied parcels were a crime.


I now journey here alone

where a smirk stretches across our eyes.

The sound of the whirling line

distracts our glare

and turns into a glance.


‘Gosht’ he instructs me,

when he hands me lamb draped in paper

inside striped plastic,

like the patriot of which we don’t belong.


Our knuckles knock at the limp handle

Which I carry on my shoulders, home.


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